SCOPE: Standards of HIV Combination Prevention – Definition of Standards and Monitoring Tool

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EATG is publishing a report on community defined standards for HIV combination prevention and a tool to help expand and strengthen the delivery of effective services for populations most affected by HIV.


EATG partnered with the ECOM (Eurasian Coalition on Health, Rights, Gender and Sexual Diversity), ESWA (European Sex Workers Rights Alliance), EuroNPUD (European Network of People who Use Drugs), ILGA Europe, ReShape/IHP/Chemsex Forum, SWAN (Sex Workers’ Rights Advocacy Network), TAMPEP (European Network for the Promotion of Rights and Health among Migrant Sex Workers), TGEU (Transgender Europe) to identify a working definition of “HIV combination prevention”. The group also worked on defining standards in services to be provided to key affected populations. The process resulted in the creation of a checklist for services.


The checklist can be used for rapid community assessments of services at a local level, to help identify points for improvement. The checklist and assessment may also be used in advocacy pertaining to scale up and quality improvement of HIV combination prevention at local level.


The checklist addresses the specific needs of trans and gender diverse people, people who use drugs, people who engage in chemsex, sex workers, and migrant, mobile and displaced people.

This initiative is part of the SCOPE project (Strategic, Community HIV Prevention Empowerment). SCOPE aims at strengthening community engagement at local and regional levels to reduce the gaps in access and use of HIV combination prevention interventions by populations that are most affected by HIV and inadequately served by the current service offer.


Are you a community-based organisation providing services to different key populations (trans and gender diverse people, people who use drugs, people who engage in chemsex, sex workers, and migrant, mobile and displaced people)? The checklist in excel format can be downloaded from the buttons on the side/ below.


Вы представляете организацию на базе сообществ, предоставляющую услуги различ- ным ключевым группам населения (трансгендерным и гендерно разнообразным пер- сонам, людям, употребляющим наркотики, людям, практикующим химсекс, секс-ра- ботницам(кам), мигрантам, мобильным группам населения и перемещенным лицам)? Контрольный список в формате excel можно скачать с помощью кнопок сбоку/внизу.




The SCOPE project has been developed by the EATG, and was made possible through a grant from ViiV Healthcare Europe Ltd.

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