Guiding Principles

The EATG will:

  • Be democratic and accountable, transparent and accessible to its members, people living with HIV and their advocates.
  • Reflect in its membership the diversity of people living with HIV and their advocates.
  • Respect the diversity of people regarding considerations such as religion, gender, sexual orientation and lifestyle.
  • Work to complement and collaborate with other relevant groups.
  • Prioritise and regularly evaluate its activities according to its objectives, cost effectiveness and fairness.


Objectives of the EATG are:

  • To enable people with HIV or at risk of HIV infection, and their advocates, to provide significant input into the process of developing, testing and approving HIV treatments. When used in this statement HIV treatments mean medical devices and products and diagnostic tests that prevent or treat HIV infection or improve the quality of life of people living with HIV.
  • To advocate for best practices of care and treatment for all persons living with HIV/AIDS.
  • To advocate for the rapid introduction of existing and new HIV and co-infection (hepatitis and TB) treatments, medical devices and products and diagnostic tests.
  • To promote the availability of appropriate information about HIV, Hepatitis and TB treatments for people with HIV, their health care providers, and health policy makers.
  • To advocate for changes in legislation and patent law, and for the medical evaluation of generic medicines that would promote the availability of lower-cost HIV treatments.
  • To advocate for changes in legislation and policies affecting the health, rights and quality of life of people living with HIV.

Strategic Approaches

  • Capacity building: Strengthening the knowledge and capacity of communities, and disseminating robust data and good practices.
  • Movement building: Building strategic alliances, promoting networking, and developing effective internet and social media presence.
  • Advocacy: Becoming more vocal and articulate and actively engaging in key policy and implementation debates.
  • Research: Engaging with all phases of clinical research and guideline development and with social science research including on ageing with HIV and best practice in reaching communities.
  • Collaboration with partners in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia: Reporting on rights violations, supporting increased access to highest quality services, advocating for sustainable funding of services, and building strategic partnerships.


EATG uses the following methods:

  • Advocacy and activism directed towards organisations and individuals; and conducting its activities through programmes and projects, each consisting of people interested in a particular issue related to HIV.
  • Representing the community perspective in the planning and presentation of scientific conferences and other meetings on HIV issues.
  • Acting in an advisory capacity to pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, and scientific researchers and other relevant bodies.
  • Conducting training sessions on HIV treatments and advocacy.
  • Training people to become HIV treatment trainers.
  • Translating, publishing and disseminating HIV and co-infections treatment materials.
  • Networking and collaborating with organisations dealing with:
    • HIV infection.
    • Illnesses frequently seen in persons living with HIV, such as hepatitis C and tuberculosis.
    • Substance use and harm reduction.
    • Rights of certain populations affected by HIV, such as incarcerated persons and migrants, men who have sex with men, sex workers, trans and intravenous drug users.
    • Human rights more generally.

Get involved

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