Thank you for your interest to become a member of the European AIDS Treatment Group. Before you consider applying, we invite you to learn more about us and our membership.


Why become a member?

Becoming an EATG member can provide you with many opportunities to strengthen your work in HIV activism and our shared goal of advocating for effective treatments and holistic care for all people living with HIV and associated infections and morbidities, as well as effective prevention and diagnosis for all communities affected by HIV and associated infections and morbidities.

Becoming a member means you can, for example:

  • Be part of a diverse and vibrant network of around 150 people across the Europe and EECA region working towards the same goal
  • Be involved in EATG projects and initiatives of your interest
  • Have access to training sessions on a variety of topics related to science and advocacy of HIV & related coinfections
  • Have input on how EATG works and governs
  • Connect and exchange with peers, receive and share information of interest.
  • Attend HIV/ related coinfection events and conferences, representing EATG.


Who can apply?

Activists working in the field of HIV and associated co-infections, from across Europe and Central Asia are warmly encouraged to join our membership.

You can apply for EATG membership only on a personal basis. Involvement in local HIV activism is seen as an asset, however, please note you would not represent that organisation within EATG.

While the official language of the EATG is English; and this is essential for membership, EATG also make an effort to translate as many documents and communications into Russian as possible.


How do members communicate?

EATG is a pan-European organisation, most of the communication is by e-mail and other online platforms.


What happens if my application is accepted?

If your application is accepted, you will be asked to pay an annual membership fee to become a member. Annual membership fees are between 10-30 EUR based on country income-levels. As a new member, you will be a “Supporting Member”. Supporting Members are able to participate in EATG activities but cannot yet vote in the annual General Assembly.

New members will be assigned a mentor, an experienced member from within EATG. Your mentor will guide you and support you in navigating your understanding of EATG, the way we work and how you can contribute.

At the end of your first year, EATG’s Development and Membership Advisory Group (DMAG) will coordinate a first-year assessment with your guide to see if there is agreement to advance you to Ordinary Member with full voting rights.

What if I do not meet the eligibility criteria?

If you don’t wish to become a member or do not meet the criteria, but are interested in following our updates and other news on HIV and related co-infections you can subscribe to the EATG newsletter and the HIV and co-infections bulletin.


Further information

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact .


‘I would like to be involved. Now, how can I apply?’

To apply for membership please follow these steps: 

  1. Fill out the EATG application form on this link. Completing the form should take about 1 hour and you have to do it in one go.
  2. Add your personal information — most fields are mandatory.
  3. Name two referees from EATG and include their correct email addresses. Referees will be contacted to provide feedback on your application.
  4. A letter of motivation and your CV should be added in the next section.
  5. Fill out the Declaration of Interest section.
  6. Please note that your application will not be reviewed if any of the above documents are incomplete.
  7. EATG’s DMAG (Development and Membership Advisory Group) will be reviewing your application and formulate a recommendation to the Board of Directors. 


Please note that EATG asks for personal data to ensure diversity and inclusion. The information will only be accessible by EATG bodies and staff who have the right to access the information. Click here for our privacy policy


Get involved

Are you living with HIV/AIDS? Are you part of a community affected by HIV/AIDS and co-infections? Do you work or volunteer in the field? Are you motivated by our cause and interested to support our work?


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