PROMise: face-to-face Stakeholder Workshop

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  • 17 June 2022 | 10:00 - 15:00 CET
  • Brussels

Since 2020, the European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG) has commissioned research under the scope of the PROMise project to analyse the role of patient-reported outcomes (PROMs) in HIV research and development (R&D) and to explore potential contributions by community-based organisations. The results and recommendations from the research can be read here.


As a follow up to the EACS meeting and the EATG PROMise focus groups with key stakeholders, EATG is implementing the recommended action to hold a stakeholder workshop that explores a methodology for discussion and consensus on various aspects of PROMs in HIV R&D.


The face-to-face stakeholder workshop will take place on 17 June (10:00-15:00 CET) in Brussels, Belgium. The workshop aims to:


  • Explore new products in the pipeline and the characteristics that will differentiate them from existing products (differences in populations and types of products, i.e. multiple resistance, new compounds in existing classes, new administration methods / approaches).


  • Define and characterise the different types of PROMs used in HIV R&D studies (distinguish between PROMs: regular standard care, patient preferences / satisfaction, differentiate new products from existing ones based on specific product characteristics) and compare characteristics of good endpoints with PROMs in specific settings.


  • Agree on a consensus-building methodology to facilitate wider consultation of concepts developed at the workshop.



10:00Welcome and introductionsPieter Vanholder, Executive Director, EATG
10:10Background update on EATG’s work on PROMs in HIV R&DKevin Moody
10:20Desirable attributes of PROMs to address new products.Caroline Sabin
What’s in the pipeline?Marc van der Valk
11:20Coffee Break
11:35Regulatory participationFacilitator TBC
13:15Introduction to Delphi and other consensus-building methodologiesKevin Moody
13:35Discussion on feasibility and desirability of adopting a methodology for this workBrian West
14:15Agreement on timelines, people to invite to participate, logistics, etc.EATG office
14:45Summary and closurePieter Vanholder


Practical Information

  • PROMise: face-to-face Stakeholder Workshop: 17 June 2022 | 10:00 - 15:00 CET

    Hotel du Congrès
    Rue du Congrès, 42
    1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

    (by invitation only)

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