EATG statement: In solidarity with all people living in Ukraine and those displaced by the war

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Last update: 01 December 2022

The European AIDS Treatment Group’s hearts and thoughts are particularly with people living with HIV and people most at risk of HIV, including sex workers, people who use drugs, trans people, men who have sex with men, women, children, and migrants and refugees. It is critical to maintain access to basic services, and to life-saving treatment and services, like antiretroviral drugs, opioid agonist treatment and mental health support.


We urge

  • relevant EU institutions, UN agencies, humanitarian organisations, the Global Fund, ICRC and pharmaceutical companies to support the Ukrainian government in organising access to these treatments and services.
  • host countries to organise easy free access to health and social care for all refugees and displaced persons.


We are in close contact with partners and communities in Ukraine and host countries and put all effort in place to respond to emerging needs and demands.


In solidarity with all people living in Ukraine and those displaced by the war.


Learn how you can donate for people living with HIV and key populations affected by the war in Ukraine


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