The nature of the EATG implies that it has members all over Europe and sometimes even beyond. There are three kinds of membership:

  • Supporting Membership, without voting right
  • Ordinary Membership, with voting right, usually granted after 1 year
  • Honorary Membership, without voting right

In 2021, EATG is comprised of more than 150 members, active in 45 countries at the WHO Europe region and beyond (Canada, USA and South Africa).

For more information on the demographic profile, distribution by region and more please refer to the latest EATG annual report

A group led by members

Governance: The General Assembly of members is the supreme decision-making body of the EATG. Members are elected for the Board of Directors and as Internal Auditors.

Committees: Members are elected to steer EATG’s programmes as Programme Chairs with the aid of Programme Committees comprised of EATG members. The Development and Membership Advisory Group (DMAG) and the Ethics and Conflict Resolutions Committee (ECRC) are key in addressing all emerging issues among the membership.

For more information about membership, the governing bodies and the operation of committees please refer to EATG’s operating guidelines



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2021 - 2022 EATG bodies and committees

The Board of Directors

Ricardo Fernandes (Chair) – Nyambe Mukelabai (Vice-Chair) – Ian Hodgson (Secretary) – Ben Collins (Treasurer) – Maka Gogia (Director)


Internal Auditors

Brian West – Tomislav Vurušić


Ethics and Conflicts Resolution Committee (ECRC)

ECRC Terms of Reference are under review


The Development and Membership Advisory Group (DMAG) 

Ann Piercy (chair) – Memory Sachikonye – David Haerry – Dimitris Nastos – Sanja Belak Kovačević – Tomislav Vurušić


Programme Chairs

Mario Cascio (Quality of Life) – Harriet Langanke (Combination Prevention) – Brian West (Partners in Science)


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