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Due to a health emergency situation, the COVID-19 pandemic responses in different countries have so far largely been top-down with minimal community input. Yet, disruptions in critical services have been reported. Communities are able to and have already identified innovative and tailored solutions in some locations to mitigate the impact of the crisis on people living with or affected by HIV. This project intends to further strengthen communities’ capacity to respond to existing and emerging needs of people living with and affected by HIV in the short to medium term.

EATG will continue documenting, in a structured manner, concerns and experiences in the field to understand the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on persons living with and affected by HIV and to improve the capacity of local organisations to respond to emerging issues. It will engage with European agencies, as well as policy makers and other relevant bodies, NGOs or companies. The project has a specific focus on sharing of approaches and practical solutions (e.g. online peer support, self-testing, remote consultations) and knowledge on HIV and COVID-19 between community organisations.


With whom?

The project will be carried out with people living with HIV and most affected by it, as well as persons involved in related service provision at community level. The project will cover the World Health Organization Europe region.



EATG will research for and issue four community bulletins in English and Russian. Two rapid assessment bulletins already having been released (April and May), the third bulletin will be based on a short follow up research activity to capture improvements and deterioration of the situation (July). The fourth bulletin (September) will focus on HIV (co-infections and morbidities) care delivery. The fifth bulletin (October) will focus on combination prevention. The sixth bulletin (December) will document innovative solutions including digital services at community health service levels. It has a specific focus on sharing of approaches (e.g. online peer support, self-testing, remote consultations). These bulletins will be based on a small mapping exercise identifying issues of concerns by the communities and opportunities. The information will be gathered via a limited set of structured interviews and desk research.

EATG will organise online mutual learning sessions drawing on the highlights of the bulletins. The format and the specific audience may vary according to the topic.

The findings of the community monitoring will be used for advocacy with relevant stakeholders, (i.e. communities, NGOs, policy makers, industry) directly and/or via our communication channels. This includes collaboration with the EU Civil Society Forum on HIV, TB and Hep, European Patient Forum, European Public Health Alliance and other disease- related organisations. EATG will use its different communication channels to disseminate project outputs and results.

EATG will continue moderating the public Facebook group ‘HIV/co-infections and COVID-19 Resources’ with scientific and policy updates; outputs and promotions for activities of the project, as well as community activities by third parties.


EATG contact person(s):Ann Isabelle von Lingen –

Fiona Greenhalgh –

Duration of the project/initiative:June-December 2020
Project/Initiative Leader:EATG
Project/initiative Main Partner(s):n/a
Budget:20.000 £
Main Funding Sources:ViiV Healthcare UK Ltd
Communication Disclaimer:This initiative has been independently developed by EATG and was made possible through funding from ViiV Healthcare Europe Ltd. EATG acknowledges that ViiV Healthcare Europe Ltd have had any control or input into the structure or content of the initiative.


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