RBDCOV: A Vaccine Mission – Explaining the journey towards COVID-19 protection with comics

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To understand how the BIMERVAX vaccine works with the body to build defences against SARS-CoV-2, the virus behind COVID-19, EATG and RBDCOV bring you: RBDCOV: A Vaccine Mission.


About the comic

Our comic strip infographic combines illustrations, concise text, and storytelling to help you better understand how this vaccine works. This comic was created based on a concept by the EATG, who are leading on community engagement for the RBDCOV project and has been reviewed by the project’s Community Advisory Panel (CAP) and Penta, the partner who represents the needs of children and adolescents in the RBDCOV trials. The comic strip is included as part of the recruitment materials and leaflet provided to participants in the trial with children and adolescents, ongoing since June 2023. This resource also supports trial staff at the site to explain to both the participants and their parents/legal guardians how the BIMERVAX vaccine works.


Following a “how it works” approach, this comic aims to make this knowledge accessible to readers of all ages and backgrounds, including young learners and people without a background in science.


The storyline

After introducing our two dynamic characters, Adjuvant and Protein, the guiding forces behind the BIMERVAX vaccine, Adjuvant, the master coordinator, and Protein, the viral mimic, join forces to ensure the body’s immune response is primed to respond to SARS-CoV-2.


Central to the comic’s storyline is the technique used to create BIMERVAX – the recombinant protein vaccine technology. This technology involves using the genetic information from the virus to produce a harmless component (protein), which closely resembles the virus’s surface. The immune system recognises this protein as a potential threat, triggering the body’s defence mechanisms.


As the comic progresses, Adjuvant and Protein take us through the immune response process. When BIMERVAX is administered, Protein enters the body helped by Adjuvant, prompting the immune system to spring into action. Specialised immune cells called B cells and T cells recognise the Protein and mobilise to mount an immune response. B cells and T cells are trained to recognise and remember the viral Protein. This training process ensures a rapid and robust response if the body encounters the actual SARS-CoV-2 virus in the future.


After this training, the immune system is equipped with a blueprint of the virus, and it is ready to protect the body from any potential future encounters with SARS-CoV-2. This is the essence of vaccination – preparing the body to fend off the virus effectively.



Throughout the scientific journey, our comic emphasises the importance of global collaboration and inclusion in vaccine development and distribution and, specifically, the important role that community partners play in the development of educational and informative resources to make the research and development process clear and relatable.


Indeed, the dynamic adventure of Adjuvant and Protein can help readers of all ages to grasp the importance of this groundbreaking vaccine and project in which EATG is taking part.


Join us on this exhilarating ride, and discover how science and the spirit of teamwork combine to safeguard global health. Will Adjuvant and Protein’s mission succeed? Dive into the comic to find out!


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English: https://rbdcov.eu/rbdcov-a-vaccine-mission/ 
Spanish: https://rbdcov.eu/rbdcov-en-busca-de-la-vacuna/
Catalan: https://rbdcov.eu/rbdcov-a-la-recerca-de-la-vacuna/
Turkish: https://rbdcov.eu/rbdcov-bir-asi-gorevi/

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