International Women’s Day: Our voice matters. Our stories are important.

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On International Women’s Day we share the inspirational words of EATG’s women.

Nicoletta, Eliane and Elena-Andreea talk to all of us about the realities they face, small and bigger battles and the insights they have gained living with HIV.


HIV is a chronic intersectional condition which magnifies our experiences of inequalities. As a woman who is also living with HIV, I speak truth to myself and to others only when my words follow my actions.  To paraphrase Audre Lorde, “I have come to believe over and over again that what is most important to me must be spoken, made verbal and shared, even at the risk of having it bruised or misunderstood.” Every time I am saying out loud, I am a woman living with HIV, the space I occupy gets bigger and the tyrannies I swallow day by day because I am a woman living with HIV, do not feel as painful. I want to speak and to share my strengths with other women, irrespectively whether they live with HIV or not, because it’s by naming the abuse, the trauma, the discrimination, the injustice that we can ease inequalities for women. By doing so we create a vortex of social justice that benefits all human beings.

Nicoletta Policek

Chairperson UK CAB / Fine Fettle Caledonia Director



As a woman living with HIV, I dream of a world where people living with HIV are healthy citizens free from stigma. Fighting inequalities together, we can help them to achieve universal access to health services and empower them to express their needs, break taboos and create a HIV stigma free society.

Eliane Becks Nininahazwe

HIV stigma fighter / Creative Art Director / Indonongo



Living with HIV for over 26 years, since my childhood at the age of 7 or 8, meant living behind a mask, scared of stigma and hiding my true self. This fear made me feel small and invisible, until I realised that change starts with us. As individuals, we hold the power to initiate transformation, not just in the world but within ourselves. My journey has taught me that battling HIV is more than a fight against a virus; it is a fight to reclaim our identity, dignity, respect, and equality. It is about dismantling the harmful social constructs perpetuated by media, education, and outdated cultural narratives. It is important to treat everyone with kindness and understanding because judgment can touch anyone, directly or indirectly.  In my role at EATG, both as a member and staff since December 2023, I am looking for real support and recognition from my colleagues. It is crucial that we stand together, recognising everyone’s contributions towards a more inclusive and understanding world.

Elena-Andreea Negoi

Co-founder HUMANE IN:DEED / Non-Formal education trainer and facilitator / Project & Admin Assistant EATG



Every woman’s story holds strength.

Our voice matters. Our stories are important.


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