A Pool of Experts with Diverse Field Experiences in the HIV Sector Set to Empower Participants in the STEP-UP 2023 Training Programme

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The soon to be launched STEP-UP MOOC learning platform will be second to none in HIV education and empowerment of HIV community activists globally. Its experienced trainers with diverse topics are two reasons why one must register for the programme. A total of 25 trainers of which 13 will be teaching in English and 12 in Russian are set to share their knowledge and expertise with participants. This year-long programme created by the European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG) partnering with Alliance for Public Health (APH) is expected to present some of the best trainers in their fields in the HIV sector in Europe, Central Asia and beyond.


A Diverse Knowledge Pool

Highly knowledgeable and experienced in HIV work are two ways to describe the new pool of trainers in this STEP-UP 2023 Programme. Coming from various professional backgrounds, they are psychologists, lawyers, doctors, public health researchers, activists and more, who have been doing exemplary work in the HIV sector in their communities and globally.

One of them is Axel Vanderperre, the UTOPIA_BXL founder president, the Positif Council coordinator and RainbowHouse board member European Aids Treatment Group member. The experienced activist and community mobiliser will be teaching on “Ageing with HIV”.

Sophie Kortenbruck is a coordinator for Sexual Health Education for young people at the Berliner Aids-Hilfe e.V., working with schools across Berlin. She is a strong activist who has featured in documentaries and in the media, sharing her story and supporting HIV work in the regions. The Psychology and Mental Health Professional will be teaching on “Mental Health in the Context of HIV”.

Mikhail Golichenko is a lawyer practising in two jurisdictions – Russia and Canada, Province of Ontario. He has been providing legal services for populations in the EECA for more than 14 years and has worked with the Canadian HIV legal Network and the United Nations among others. He will be teaching on “Stigma and Discrimination in the Context of HIV”.

Some of the trainers are not only working in the HIV sector but are themselves founders of HIV organisations and initiatives, who are well respected activists in their regions. The courses promise to be interesting with real hands-on training to learn from.


Enriching Topics to Empower Participants

Also, the range of HIV related topics chosen for the programme will empower and support the work of participants further. Stigma and discrimination, HIV and ageing, HIV Cure-Related Research, and the impact of crises on the HIV epidemic are are some of the topics these trainers will be presenting.

These topics are “designed to provide HIV education and personal development training to people who aspire to become more active in the work of and for HIV communities in Europe and Central Asia.”

The date of the launch of the STEP-UP MOOC Platform for registration and the full list of modules and trainers will be unveiled soon.


For more on the programme see here


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