People with HIV with suppressed viral load and higher CD4 counts unlikely to need a third dose of COVID-19 vaccine

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Multiple chronic conditions, older age or the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine might increase the need for a third dose


People with HIV with well-controlled viral load on antiretroviral treatment have similar levels of antibodies to HIV-negative people after two doses of a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine and in most cases will not need a third dose, Canadian researchers report.

However, they found that people who received two doses of the Oxford/Astra Zeneca vaccine had lower antibody levels after two doses compared to people who received other vaccines. Antibody levels were also lower in older people and those with multiple underlying health conditions.

The findings, from a study of 100 people with HIV and 152 HIV-negative controls in Vancouver, Canada, have been published as a pre-print article while it undergoes peer review.

Read the full story at Aidsmap.


Source : Aidsmap

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