CORE Knowledge Hub Webinar # 2 | Gender Transformative Services: What’s that all about?

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The CORE project is pleased to invite you to the webinar Gender Transformative Services: What’s that all about?”, on 19 June 2024 at 14:00 – 15:30 CET (15:00 – 16:30 EET).


About the webinar: Inequitable social structures and institutions continue to contribute to gender disparities in health outcomes even though gender is increasingly recognised as an aspect to be taken considered when designing prevention and care programmes.

A gender transformative approach is one that actively examines, challenges and seeks to transform the underlying causes of gender inequality rooted in structures. A gender transformative approach can improve the inclusivity and effectiveness of services considering needs from different angles and providing a holistic response to a persons’ needs



Webinar objectives:


  • To increase understanding on gender transformative approaches in service provision.
  • Provide participants examples of gender transformative approaches in practice.
  • Provide participants with a platform to share and discuss good and innovative practices.


Expected outcomes:


  • Service providers are familiarised with the gender transformative approach and methodology.
  • Participants have increased knowledge of tools to build gender inclusive services which efficiently tackle gender disparities at their root.


To attend the webinar, please register here.  


14:00-14:10Introduction & Opening remarksSabrina Sanchez, ESWA

Roberto Pérez Gayo, C-EHRN

14:10-14:25What are Gender-Transformative Services?Cristiana Vales, Kosmicare
14:25-14:40Gender-Transformative Services: A holistic approach to Chem-Sex and SRHR from the community perspectiveAmanita Calderon-Cifuentes, TGEU
14:40-14:55From theory to practice: An example from the fieldAura Roig, Metzineres
14:55-15:25Panel discussion, Q&A and next stepsSabrina Sanchez, ESWA


Roberto Pérez Gayo,


15:25-15:30Closing remarksSabrina Sanchez, ESWA

Roberto Pérez Gayo,



***Agenda might still be subject to slight changes***


About the CORE project

The CORE Project (“Community Response to End Inequalities”) aims to reduce inequalities by promoting, strengthening and integrating the community responses that have proven key in bringing services closer to persons who would benefit most but face inadequate access, in particular countries where these responses are still lacking. This will happen through capacity building, networking, and the exchange of good practice and innovative approaches, as well as through a proactive outreach and engagement of relevant stakeholders, while addressing legal, policy, and structural issues to promote integration of these approaches into disease prevention and health promotion strategies and systems.

The CORE project will build on and intensify collaboration of regional networks and national and local organisations of people living with HIV, key populations, and service provider organisations. It will use, adapt, and disseminate existing national, regional, and global good practice approaches and tools from across key populations and disease areas, and provide platforms for exchange.


CORE Knowledge Hub – Community Skill Boosting Sessions

The Knowledge Hub is introducing a series of meetings aimed at sharing best practices in community health services for communities most affected by HIV, TB, viral hepatitis and STIs. The Hub will also be a place where community organisations and partners can share experience and discuss solutions to issues encountered. The meetings will be recorded for post-event sharing on the CORE website.

The Knowledge Hub consists of Webinars organised by the European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG), Correlation European Harm Reduction Network (C-EHRN), European Sex Workers Alliance (ESWA) and Africa Advocacy Foundation (Work Package 6) and Workshops co-organised Deutsche Aidshilfe (DAH), C-EHRN, ESWA, and Africa Advocacy Foundation (Work Package 4).



Views and opinions expressed are those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union. Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them.
The CORE project has received funding from the Health Programme of the European Union under grant agreement No 101080079.


Practical Information

  • CORE Knowledge Hub Webinar # 2 | Gender Transformative Services: What’s that all about?: Date:
    Wednesday, 19 May 2024 – 14:00-15:30 CET (15:00-16:30 EET)

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