Diversity is Strength

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Diversity is Strength is EATG’s motto attached to its Long-Term Strategy 2020-2025

EATG is a member-led organisation of people living with or affected by HIV and associated infections (including viral hepatitis, TB, STIs) and morbidities. We are a diverse group of people from across Europe and Central Asia. We value our diversity in nationalities or countries of residence, languages, sexes, genders, ages, beliefs, and ethnicities.


This diversity in who we are is our strength.


Although we set off from diverse backgrounds and each one of us brings a wide range of different lived experiences, we share the common goal of respecting and upholding fundamental human rights. As our realities meet, we build a common set of experiences and knowledge. We have grown to learn that this is the basis of mutual and deep understanding. We figure out what is missing and what works in our diverse settings. We learn from each other and we invent/innovate solutions from our shared experiences. Our diversity is the ground where knowledge, empathy and resilience grow. It is our strength.


Our vision for diversity goes beyond our people. We aim to work with all stakeholders in the field and to apply a diverse set of strategic approaches: research, advocacy, capacity and movement building.


We are committed to promoting medical and social science to make transformative change for the best access for the best quality of life. We focus on the quality of life, combination prevention as well as established and new science for people living with or affected by HIV and associated infections and morbidities.


We emphasise a person-centred approach to addressing the HIV-related needs of all key and vulnerable populations.


We participate at the European level in achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, including universal health coverage (UHC), as well as ending AIDS, viral hepatitis, and TB as public health threats by 2030.


We are dedicated to promoting the GIPA (Greater Involvement of People living with HIV/AIDS) principle throughout our work.

GIPA is a principle that aims to realize the rights and responsibilities of people living with HIV, including their right to self-determination and participation in decision-making processes that affect their lives. In these efforts, GIPA also aims to enhance the quality and effectiveness of the AIDS response.


We collaborate with and support EATG members and partners in Central and Eastern Europe, and Central Asia, and promote sustainable services.




[Updated: January 2023]

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