SCOPE Stakeholders Meeting: Community Perspectives

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The European AIDS Treatment Group held a stakeholders meeting, “Community Perspectives on Guidelines and Programming Recommendations for Better Inclusion of Inadequately Served Groups”, in Warsaw on 17 October 2023. The meeting was an occasion to review how the SCOPE project has and can continue to expand community representation in the public debate, to generate data and develop tools for community research and advocacy. The meeting provided a platform to exchange on lessons learnt since 2022 and next steps for the SCOPE initiative. During the event, community researchers presented their work and prompted a collective discussion on good practices necessary to reduce the gap in access and use of HIV combination in the WHO Europe region. The event was closed by a moderated discussion and a reception.


Started in 2022, the SCOPE project (Strategic Community HIV Prevention Empowerment) aims at strengthening community engagement at local and regional levels to reduce the gap in access and use of HIV combination prevention interventions by populations that are most affected by HIV, but which remain inadequately served by health systems and which are underrepresented in policy and public debates.


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The SCOPE (Strategic Community HIV Prevention Empowerment) project has been developed by the EATG and was made possible through a grant from ViiV Healthcare Europe Ltd.

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