We have lost many members, friends and allies since 1992, whose passion and commitment have empowered and inspired us. Many of them were instrumental in the establishment and development of the EATG, and will always remain part of our extended family. It is to their memory that we dedicate EATG’s continuing work.

Andreas Salmen (d: 1992)
Marc Regnard (d: 1992)
Michael Fischer (d: 1992)
Jan B. Haan (d: 1993)
Cord Ebeling (d: 1993)
Olov Wendelborg (1963–1994)
Nathalie Dagron (1960–1995)
Marina Bichetti (d: 1997)
Jørgen Haahr Kristensen (d: 1997)
Jürgen Poppinger (d: 1997)
Julio Silveira (d: 1997)
Jeannine van Woerkom (1954-1997)
Svetlana Denk (d: 2001)
Pedro Jorge Eduardo da Silva Santos (1962–2002)
Maurizio Pancanti (d: 2003)
Arjen Broekhuizen (1955–2004)
Eric J. Welling (1956–2004)
Albert Rúnar Aðalsteinsson (1950–2006)
François Wasserfallen (1962–2008)
Gideon Hirsch (1960–2008)
Roy Arad (1978–2010)
Jerzy Jurek Domaradzki (1949–2011)
Kees Rümke (1958–2014)
Bob Munk (1953-2015)
Paul Blanchard (1964–2016)
Zak Kostopoulos (1985–2018)
David Ananiashvili (d: 2018)
Dénes Bánhegyi (1944–2019)
Elias Phiri (1967–2021)
Giulio Maria Corbelli (1966-2022)
Ana Lúcia Weinberg (1984-2022)
Xavier Franquet Doya (1966-2023)
Wojciech Jerzy Tomczyński (1946-2023)

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