SCOPE: HIV biomedical prevention pipeline and PrEP implementation issues – An Update for Community Educators and Advocates

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EATG publishes the report from two online discussions on the HIV biomedical prevention research & PrEP implementation issues for community educators and advocates. The report covers developments from the PREVENIR Cohort study, on long-Acting intramuscular PrEP, DoxyPEP, vaccine, as well as STI-PEP research. It also reviews challenges in the uptake of PrEP among women and in particular migrant women from sub-Saharan Africa and trans people. The report examines the various challenges these communities face to access PrEP programmes. It highlights demands from a community perspective.


In sum, while challenges exist continued research and advocacy efforts offer hope for more effective HIV prevention strategies in the future. Community advocacy plays a vital role in expanding access to these prevention tools, particularly in pressing for affordable prices for and equitable distribution of biomedical prevention tools. The meetings are part of the SCOPE project, which aims to strengthen the skills and knowledge of community health workers, advocates and researchers in the field of HIV combination prevention.


This meeting was jointly hosted by EATG, AIDS Action Europe (AAE), AIDES, AVAC, Coalition PLUS, Eurasian Coalition on Male Health (ECOM), European Sex Workers Rights Alliance (ESWA), Foundation for Social Education (FES), GS:SG, Prepster and Transgender Europe (TGEU).


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  1. HIV Biomedical Prevention Pipeline:
  2. PrEP Implementation Issues:


The SCOPE Project has been developed by the EATG and was made possible through a grant from ViiV Healthcare Europe Ltd. EATG acknowledges that the sponsor had no control or input into the initiative’s structure or content. 

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