Quality of Life

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Improving their health-related quality of life and holistic well-being throughout their life cycle


To engage, inform and empower all people living with and affected by HIV in improving their health-related quality of life and holistic well-being throughout their life cycle, regardless of gender, age or context.

Expected 2025 high-level outcome

Healthy communities of people living with and affected by HIV, with enhanced quality of life and access to effective, integrated health and support systems.


Engaging informed and empowered people living with and affected by HIV from across WHO European region in:


  • promoting integrated prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care approaches to the sexual health, mental health and quality of life of all people living with HIV throughout their life cycle, especially those at risk of limited service access, e.g. sex workers and substance users
  • promoting the integration of services that specifically address HIV, hepatitis B and C, TB and STIs
  • designing/developing and evaluating new and integrated services and models of care


  • promoting community-based or community-influenced HIV-related services that are safe and secure for all people living with or affected by HIV, where people can learn and exchange information, meet allies and develop resilience
  • tackling stigma and discriminatory attitudes in our communities and among service providers
  • advocating for improvements in laws, regulations, policies and practices that undermine the full exercise of the human rights and/or criminalise the lives and behaviours of all people living with and affected by HIV, including freedom of thought and expression, freedom to decide whether and when to be diagnosed or to begin treatment, sexual and reproductive health and rights, with a full and satisfying sexual and emotional life, freedom to make informed decisions about becoming pregnant and initiating breastfeeding, workplace rights and confidentiality of medical records
  • participating in implementation research to improve service delivery and approaches to challenging legal and regulatory barriers to HIV, viral hepatitis, TB and STI services, especially in Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Asia


  • building evidence, monitoring and reporting on rights violations in specific countries or sub-regions
  • supporting increased access to highest quality HIV, viral hepatitis, TB and STI prevention, diagnostics, treatment and care
  • advocating for sustainable funding of services and any needed technical support in those countries where international donor funding is scheduled to end
  • spreading the message of U=U


  • ensuring the diversity of people living with and affected by HIV is represented in key policy forums, including on drug policy, affordability/price reduction of diagnostics and medicines, and UHC
  • monitoring access to optimal treatment and diagnostic options and their sustainability, raising awareness to barriers, and making recommendations to responsible stakeholders
  • challenging undue use of intellectual property provisions to limit price competition and access to cheaper medicines

Programme Chair:
Mario Cascio

Programme Manager:
Anton Basenko

Programme Committee :

Magdalena Ankierzhtein-Bartczak

Nikos Dedes

Maka Gogia

Julian Hows

Rosaline M’bayo

Nyambe Mukelabai

Eliane Becks Nininahazwe

Bryan Teixeira

Lucia Trasca

Axel Vanderperre

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