Press Release: EATG announces Nicoletta Policek as new Executive Director

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Brussels, March 20th 2024




After a diligent recruitment process, the Board of EATG is happy to announce the organisation’s new Executive Director


The Board of EATG announces that Nicoletta Policek, an HIV activist with a longstanding academic career, will step into the role of the Executive Director (ED) starting 8 April. This decision comes after a recruitment process that began in August 2023.


Board Chair Ricardo Fernandes says: “I am delighted to welcome Nicoletta Policek as EATG’s new Executive Director. Her extensive experience, insights, and skills are a perfect fit for us to address the challenges EATG currently faces. The Board and I are certain that Nicoletta is a powerful, inclusive, and effective change agent who will lead EATG into an exciting future. We believe that her leadership will have a positive impact on the lives of many people living with or affected by HIV and co-morbidities across Europe. We feel very inspired to have a woman living with HIV as Executive Director, believing this to be essential at a time when ‘nothing about us without us’ has never been more important.


Nicoletta comments about her appointment, “I want my practice and work as EATG’s new Executive Director to facilitate safe spaces for communities living with and affected by HIV so we can all thrive. In some instances, and in some geographical locations, we might have moved from the margin to the centre, but we need more space at the centre irrespective of who we are and where we are, so that our health and social care needs are met. Until then, we cannot talk about equality and enjoyment of human rights for all. I see my role as ED as the facilitator for such a process to take place.


Dr Nicoletta Policek’s contribution to EATG as the Executive Director will be embedded in several decades of HIV activism matched with a longstanding academic career. Nicoletta is an inspirational leader respected as a credible voice in decision making. Her practice focuses on strategy, evaluation, and governance. Her work converges around gender inequalities and equal access to health and social care.

Nicoletta has experience of inclusive and effective leadership at a senior level in the public, private and third sectors specialising in policy, research, systems thinking, management, education and training developed over many years and in different linguistic and cultural settings. Her expertise and passion rest at the intersection between health justice, criminal and social justice, and human rights.

Nicoletta’s leadership roles have also connected her to communities of different lived experiences, providing opportunities to connect and transform people’s diverse experiences into change, making the principle of “nothing about us without us” a reality.

Nicoletta holds a PhD in Criminology and Legal Studies (University of Edinburgh), an MSc in Social and Legal Studies and several more degrees in the broad fields of human rights, sociology, and politics.


We, the people of EATG, look forward to Nicoletta leading the group into the next chapter, building on EATG’s long history of HIV activism in Europe and Central Asia.



For more information, please contact: (c/o Apostolos Kalogiannis)


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