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HIV Cure Portfolio

In recent years, there has been a renewed scientific focus on curing HIV infection followed by strong interest on the side of community and HIV treatment organizations to support these efforts and give their own contribution. In 2008, the case of Timothy Ray Brown (initially known as the Berlin patient) was presented, who after undergoing a complex procedure, was and still is considered to be “cured” form HIV infection. His case is thought to be the first one of HIV cure in terms of a sterilizing cure or eradication of HIV. Nevertheless, there are other rare examples of individuals who have been able to stop ART and maintain undetectable or low levels of HIV viral load for extended periods of time. A term that has been applied to these cases is functional cure, intended to mean that HIV is still present in the body but not causing any harm. Later, the term remission has been proposed as a better description, because in some of these cases HIV viral load has rebounded to high levels after a long period of being undetectable. The eradication or long- term remission of HIV is a desirable goal of the HIV cure research.

The EATG has been deeply involved in community efforts around HIV cure. Several community workshops and involvement in research projects and clinical trials, discussions and training around the topic, our work is an integral part of global community efforts and community led research.

The following pages show various results and outcomes of this portfolio.