Stigma-Free: video reporting from EACS 2023 ‘Empowering communities and clinicians for harm reduction and mental health’ session

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At EACS 2023 conference in Warsaw, EATG organised a special session on “Empowering communities and clinicians for harm reduction and mental health”. After the session we asked our panelists to tell us more about their work around stigma and mental health.

We need to put gender-affirming care and the recognition of trans identities in the center of the HIV response

Amanita Calderon-Cifuentes (Transgender Europe) presented on ‘Gender-transformative services’

When we say that we practice harm reduction it’s not just a quote. We meet people where they are but certainly we don’t leave them there

Marios Atzemis (Positive Voice) presented on ‘Migration, HIV/HCV, and drug use’


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