STEP-UP: The Best Expert Course for Practical Advocacy Work in the HIV Field Available Online Soon

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The production of video lessons for the online training platform STEP-UP MOOC is underway with great anticipation. The programme was developed by the European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG) in partnership with the Alliance for Public Health (APH)


We are delighted to share with you the first exclusive behind the scenes photos of the best experts in their fields, working hard to create a unique programme that will be available in 2023.

About the program and the new format


The STEP-UP modular training program was developed to train activists and all those interested in HIV and their personal development. It was mainly created to support those who want to become more active in the work to eliminate AIDS and support vulnerable communities. This time, the annual programme will consist of an online module, an offline event and a competition to support mini-grants and advocacy initiatives.


“The focus of STEP-UP has always been to bring together activists from across Europe and Central Asia to build their capacity in accordance with local and regional needs,” says Pieter Vanholder, Director of EATG, adding that the STEP-UP programme empowers the movement of new HIV activists.


“Since its inception, over 120 alumni have benefited from STEP-UP and some have been awarded grants to implement small projects; we are proud of their success stories and their evolution,” Vanholder reiterates.


Students of the online course who score the highest on the test will receive a bonus in the form of mini-grants for the implementation of their project and a trip to a bonus 3-day coaching seminar with the course instructors. The program of the seminar will be tailored to the requests of the group participants for a more in-depth analysis of advocacy scenarios and the development of specific cases of participants.


 A capacity building network for HIV advocates


The transition to the online format aims to provide wider access to all interested activists in the region who seek to gain new knowledge or expand existing ones in a convenient format everywhere, globally.


The only requirement to take part in the STEP-UP MOOC programme is a desire to participate, as there will be no selection process involved to choose participants.


“The content and languages of the training will be specifically tailored to the needs of HIV activists in the WHO European Region, we expect that most participants will come from the HIV sector and therefore have prior knowledge of HIV and related infections,” the organizers say.


The curriculum consists of a self-paced e-learning approach with a combination of trainings on networking, empowerment, and advocacy.


Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate, and students who scored the highest in the test will receive a bonus in the form of mini grants to implement their project. They will also get a trip to a bonus 3-day coaching workshop with the course instructors.


The plan is that STEP-UP MOOC will be available online from January 2023.


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