EATG » Webinar - Affordability and Access to Medicines

Webinar - Affordability and Access to Medicines

This webinar on the basics of affordability of and access to medicines is somewhat focused on Eastern Europe though it is relevant to other parts of Europe, too.  It addresses the IP international framework and some of the underused ways around it to ensure access to affordable state of the art medicines for HIV, TB and HCV. It contains a discussion on voluntary licensing (e.g. through the Medicines Patent Pool, limits, improvements and red lines towards industry), and the underused possibilities of compulsory licensing (also including for prevention). There is also some discussion on the challenges of TRIPS + provisions and the problems brought by the Deep Free Trade Agreements to Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia in terms of hindering access to cheaper quality medicines.

The presentations can also  be viewed here:

Boyan Konstantinov:

Esteban Burrone:

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