EATG for Pride Month

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Pride is a protest as much as it is a celebration. A protest against criminalisation as well as intersectional and systemic stigma and discrimination. A celebration for hard-earned visibility, the respect we deserve, and our constant fight against imposed shame. A celebration to honour the first few braves who marched for all our rights and in solidarity with all those who are still fighting for their rights.

We are the LGBTQI+ communities and allies who still have to fight for the right to love whoever and however we want in all our diversity. We are the communities that have survived the AIDS epidemic and who are still fighting so no one is left behind. We have won many battles, but the progress that has been made is not a given. Laws and acts continue to threaten and violate the human rights of LGBTQI+ people globally and ultimately undermine public health and well-being.

In this Pride Month, we join UNAIDS in calling for the protection of everyone’s rights so that everyone’s health is protected.

Violations of people’s rights act as barriers to HIV prevention, testing, treatment, and care.
Stigma kills, solidarity saves lives.
This is a moment for solidarity. This is a moment for Pride.






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