iCOPe HIV – International Coalition of Older People with HIV

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Based on the experience of The Silver Zone in the Global Village at AIDS 2022 conference we decided it was time to give voice to the neglected needs of older people living with HIV. The iCOPe HIV initiative was born. We feel the challenges many of us face in our daily lives are not well acknowledged and our needs are not being addressed. We are a silent majority. Global estimates show that in the near future most people living with HIV will be aged >50 and an increasing proportion aged >65.



At the HIV Glasgow 2022 conference, during the Ageing with HIV: from knowledge to action session curated by EATG, The Glasgow Manifesto was launched. We have received more than 125 endorsements from organisations and institutions globally, reflecting the great interest in the issues highlighted and underscoring the urgency of action needed.


With whom?

iCOPe HIV is an initiative of the four founding partners EATG (Europe), NATAP (USA), Realize (Canada) and UTOPIA_BXL (Belgium).



Key points from The Glasgow Manifesto

  • Develop new models of care for older people living with HIV to address the health and social complexity we experience, including our sexual and mental health needs
  • Raise awareness among service providers of our distinct clinical and social needs
  • Responses from community which are age-affirming, address ageism and increase intergenerational understanding
  • Change policy to respond to the unmet housing, food and/or resource needs of older people living with HIV who experience disability
  • More targeted research and education on older people living with HIV, with community involvement
  • Include older people living with HIV in decision-making about the HIV response, including priority-and target-setting, funding allocation, and messaging about the impact of HIV


For what outcome?

We – ageing and older people living with HIV – are not a homogenous group between nor within countries around the globe, so we expect the calls to action included in the Glasgow Manifesto to be implemented in ways that are equitable and account for intersectionality. We all deserve age-friendly and age-affirming information, care, services, and support that considers the impact of our HIV status, gender identity, sexual orientation, citizenship, ability, race, ethnicity, and place of residence, among other factors.


EATG contact person(s):Mario Cascio – mario.cascio@eatg.org  (member representing EATG)

Ann-Isabelle von Lingen – annisabelle.vonlingen@eatg.org

Duration of the initiative:October 2022 – ongoing
Secretariat:To be co-hosted by Realize and EATG
Main Partner(s):iCOPe HIV is an initiative of the four founding partners EATG (Europe), NATAP (USA), Realize (Canada) and UTOPIA_BXL (Belgium).
Main Funding Sources:In-kind contributions by founding members. Ongoing fundraising efforts



Get involved

Are you living with HIV/AIDS? Are you part of a community affected by HIV/AIDS and co-infections? Do you work or volunteer in the field? Are you motivated by our cause and interested to support our work?


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