Building on the EmERGE project, a not-for-profit company, EmH Ltd. was created to bring forward the commercialisation and further development of the platform. The EmERGE project has developed a mHealth platform to enable self-management of people living with stable HIV. The platform provides users a mobile device application which interfaces securely with relevant medical data and facilitates remote access to key healthcare providers. The platform development has applied a rigorous co-design approach to ensure patient and clinician input to the solution. EmH is set to sustain co-design with the support of EATG.


With whom?

EATG will work with clinical sites and local organisations to support co-design in local updates of the platform.



EATG assists EmH to deliver and support the EmH Platform at clinical sites via different forms of support:

  • Support for the clinic at each side and those community user groups who are working collaboratively to reach, where possible, agreed decisions about how the EmH platform is implemented and used locally
  • Support for at least one representative of the local community groups per site to participate in an annual EmH user group meeting
  • Encouraging EmH platform users at each site to give EATG feedback on the EmH platform, and then to share such feedback with EmH


For what outcome?

Based on prior work showing a high uptake rate and use of mHealth in HIV patient populations, EmERGE demonstrated the benefits to patients and simultaneous increases in cost-effectiveness for healthcare providers by reducing face-to-face consultations, estimated at least 2,250 saved within this study alone.


EATG contact person(s):Ann Isabelle von Lingen – annisabelle.vonlingen@eatg.org
Duration of the project/initiative:October 2020 – April 2022
Project/Initiative Leader:EmERGE mHealth Ltd
Project/initiative Main Partner(s):EATG
Budget:7.200 €/year
Main Funding Sources:EmH Ltd.



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