HIVR4P virtual symposia series – Insights in HIV vaccine research

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The International AIDS Society (IAS) will conduct a virtual symposia series exploring the latest HIV prevention research.

How do you scale up use of CAB-LA and the vaginal ring? What are the latest developments in the quest for an effective HIV vaccine? What role can bNAbs play in HIV cure research?

You’re invited to attend a series of three special virtual symposia in October 2023 that will explore these questions by bringing together the scientific community to address the biggest challenges in biomedical prevention.

IAS Governing Council and HIVR4P 2024 Organizing Committee members will host the series in which leading experts will preview some of the groundbreaking HIV prevention science you can expect at HIVR4P 2024, the 5th HIV Research for Prevention Conference.

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Implementation and rolling out of CAB-LA
Wednesday, 4 October, 12:00 – 13:00 Peru Time (PET) (19:00 – 20:00 CEST)

  • Presentation 1: CAB-LA for cis and trans women and men who have sex with men
  • Presentation 2: CAB-LA and vaginal ring scale up (civil society perspective)
  • Live Q&A with the audience

Insights in HIV vaccine research
Wednesday, 11 October, 12:00 – 13:00 PET (19:00 – 20:00 CEST)

  • Presentation 1: Looking back on the Mosaico study
  • Presentation 2: Novel vaccine platforms
  • Live Q&A with the audience

The future of bNAbs
Monday, 16 October, 12:00 – 13:00 PET (19:00 – 20:00 CEST)

  • Presentation 1: bNAbs for prevention, including postnatal prevention
  • Presentation 2: Affordability and economic implications for bNAbs
  • Live Q&A with the audience

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