EACS 2021: Pecha Kucha Stories at the Community Corner

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This year at the 18th EACS conference community representatives were invited to share their stories at the Community Corner. Six stories from the UK, Poland, Germany and Ireland will be presented in Pecha Kucha style over two days. The presenters will be available for Q&A.




Thursday 28 October

13:15 Anton Basenko – European AIDS Treatment Group (Ukraine)

People Who Use Drugs Matter: the story of one

13:25 Magdalena Ankiersztejn-Bartczak -Foundation for Social Education (Poland)

What we can do in Poland as a non-governmental organization about HIV and other STIs

13:35 Angelina Namiba – 4M Network of Mentor Mothers CIC (UK)

Mentor Mothers Making Magic: Personal, Professional Development for Prevention & Peer Support


Friday 29 October

13:15 Ann Piercy – GOSHH (Ireland)

The Silent & Invisible Community Living with HIV in Ireland: Migrants

13:25 Bruce Richman – Prevention Access (USA)

U=U: 5 years of Community-led Transformation

13:35 Mark Santos – Positive East (UK)

The Story of HIV in East London Told from a Positive East Perspective


The Community and Networking area, was launched at the 16th European  AIDS  Conference. This year’s programme has been put together by the European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG) with the support of UK CAB.





Practical Information

  • EACS 2021: Pecha Kucha Stories at the Community Corner: This programme takes place onsite EACS conference at the open space of the Community and Networking Area.

    It is open to all EACS 2021 delegates and visitors.

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