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  • [Deadline extended] Apply by: 30/09/2023 11:59 pm CET

Deadline extended: 30 September 2023

The European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG) is a patient-led NGO that advocates for the rights and interests of people living with or affected by HIV/ AIDS and related co-infections within the WHO Europe region. Founded in 1992, the EATG is a network of more than 150 members from 45 countries in Europe. Our members are people living with HIV and representatives of different communities affected by HIV/AIDS and co-infections. EATG represents the diversity of more than 2.3 million people living with HIV in Europe as well as those affected by HIV/AIDS and co-infections.


The SCOPE  project aims to strengthen community engagement at local and regional levels to reduce the gap in access and use of HIV combination prevention interventions by populations that are most affected by HIV, but which remain inadequately served by the health system and which are underrepresented in policy and public debate.


It equips communities with enhanced scientific and technical knowledge, data for advocacy, networking and access to opinion leaders and policymakers to transform beliefs and attitudes currently barring the way to targeted and sustained investment (at the scale needed) to reduce HIV incidence in key populations. While operating at regional level, the project will consider sub-regional local specificities.


The SCOPE project activities are implemented in close collaboration with representatives from key populations (specifically MSM, trans, migrants, women, people who use drugs) who face challenges in accessing combination prevention tools and services.


The SCOPE project has two strands of work. The first is to operate as a platform for learning, networking, and mutual support for representatives from community-based organisations. 5 activities fall under this objective:


  • Online seminar on the biomedical HIV prevention pipeline, novel approaches, and integrated service delivery. English/Russian. (Q 2 2022, 2023).
  • Hybrid Workshop on good practices to increase inadequately served populations’ awareness and access to the HIV combination prevention package. English-Russian. (Q3 in 2022).
  • Small funding for the translation/production of community-informed, specific information materials (2022-23).
  • Study trip of two community activists/health workers to another location per year (2022-2023).


SCOPE’s second strand of work aims to generate sound data, monitor challenges/solutions, as well as strengthen community engagement and representation in policy and programming at national and regional level.

  • Developing a community consensus, working definition of ’HIV combination prevention’ and indicators of population-specific standards for prevention service delivery that can be applied and/or adapted for community monitoring purposes. (Q3 2022 – Q2 2023).
  • Research on community interest, acceptability, usability and accessibility of selected combination prevention tools and approaches. (Q3-2022- Q2 2023).
  • Online multi-stakeholders meeting on community perspectives, on guidelines and programming recommendations for better inclusion of inadequately served groups. (Q3 2023).
  • Present research findings/recommendations and other relevant project data to policymakers. (Q3-2022- Q2 2023).
  • Input into the drafting of WHO/UNAIDS/EU policy/monitoring documents and programmes.


Consultant Tasks and Time

The evaluation consultant will be in charge of conducting the evaluation process of the SCOPE activities by writing a final evaluation.


A. Indicative list of tasks B. Projected time commitment C. Payment
Revise and finalise evaluation methodology.  
Analyse the M&E data already collected by the EATG office. October – beginning of December 20233,000 EUR (VAT and all other taxes inclusive)
Conduct the evaluation of the activities and contact participants as relevant.
Conduct the evaluation of stakeholders’ engagement.
Conduct SCOPE Community Expert Group    evaluation.
Draft the final evaluation report, outlining the recommendations for future training activities.


The consultant will work closely with the Combination Prevention (CP) Team (Project Coordinator and Programme Manager) and occasionally with the SCOPE Expert Group. The consultant may need to take part in internal calls on an ad hoc basis regarding planning and implementation of the work.

The CP team will work with the consultant throughout the consultancy to ensure tasks meet project requirements. The CP team will help to facilitate consultations with partners.



  • Be very familiar with processes of community involvement. Being part of a community group or related organisation is desirable.
  • Have strong experience in conducting qualitative and quantitative research and be able to develop a high-quality methodology proposal in a short timeline.
  • Have strong experience and knowledge in project monitoring and evaluation.
  • Have excellent research, analytical, writing and communication skills to conduct the evaluation, produce a report, and develop a set of sound recommendations.
  • Be able to work independently and as part of a team (collaboratively) and abide by the agreed deadlines.
  • Have no possible conflicts of interest (e.g., being employed by a pharmaceutical company, not having taken part in any SCOPE 2022/2023 activities).
  • Affinity for providing strategic advice and recommendations.
  • Knowledge of English language is essential. Knowledge of Russian will be considered an asset.



The consultant will receive a maximum fee of 3,000 EUR (VAT and all other taxes inclusive) for all complete deliverables. The consultant can invoice once approved by CP Programme Manager and CP Project Coordinator by the end of December 2023.


How to apply

Please apply by sending an email to with:

  • Short motivation letter and CV highlighting relevant experience for this role;
  • Sample of your own writing;
  • Draft outline of evaluation methodology.


Application deadline: Thursday, September 14, 2023; 23:59 CET.

Applications will be reviewed by the EATG Combination Prevention Programme Manager, Project Coordinator and other relevant EATG staff.





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