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Meet the Board of Directors of the EATG - Term 2020-2021

  • Ricardo Fernandes (Chair) – Portugal
  • Marine (Maka) Gogia (Vice-Chair) – Georgia
  • Ian Hodgson (Secretary) – United Kingdom
  • Ben Collins (Treasurer) – United Kingdom
  • Nyambe Mukelabai (Director) – United Kingdom

The Board of Directors of the EATG consists of at least four and at most seven people. The General Assembly (GA) decides on the number of members of the Board of Directors (BoD).

Directors are elected for a period of two years, renewable once. After two consecutive periods in office, it is possible for a Director to be re-elected only after a period of six month out of office. The Procedure for election of Directors is described in the “Terms of Reference, General Assembly”.

The Directors may only co-opt one other Director in the function of Secretary or Treasurer in case when serious illness or other personal circumstances make him/her unable to perform the duties of Secretary or Treasurer for a month or more. Co-option ends with the resumption of duties by the elected Director or the next GA, whichever comes first. (Constitution §7.8)

If Directors resign between General Assemblies, the BoD may co-opt new members up to the original number elected at the previous GA. If over half of the BoD is replaced in this way, then the BoD must call a GA within four months (Constitution §7.9).

Co-opted Directors may only hold office until the next GA when, if wishing to serve for longer, they must submit themselves for election (Constitution, §7.9).

All matters discussed at BoD meetings are confidential and any BoD member who wishes to annul confidentiality must seek approval of the BoD before doing so.

However, the BoD publishes minutes for the members, which are not confidential but are for EATG internal use only.