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The EATG Operating Guidelines states the following mission statement:

To achieve the fastest possible access to state of the art medical products and devices, and diagnostic tests that prevent or treat HIV infection or improve the quality of life for people living with HIV, or at risk of HIV infection. In responding to HIV, the EATG will also consider diseases frequently seen as co- infections in persons living with HIV, as well as other health issues that increase the risk of HIV infection.

The primary geographic focus of the EATG is the member states served by the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe; however, the EATG will consider opportunities to collaborate with and support similar efforts in other parts of the world.

Thus the mission of the EATG is to improve access to treatment and standard of care for people with HIV and AIDS in the countries that constitute the WHO Europe region. Access to, and quality of, treatment and the standard of care are the predominant and core concerns.

However, this mission is, in practice, interpreted with sufficient latitude to include a range of ancillary, and closely connected emphases, including new prevention technologies , access to harm reduction for injecting drug users, and access to reproductive technologies. The EATG intends to maintain and consolidate its position as the leading European patient/community authority on HIV/AIDS and HIV/AIDS treatment issues, and to be recognized as such by all stakeholders.

EATG Operating Guidelines