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Code of practice

The EATG is a signatory of and active contributor to the constantly evolving “Renewing Our Voice - Code of Good Practice for NGOs Responding to HIV/AIDS” between Patient Organisations and the Healthcare Industry.

In 2007 the PCWP at EMEA initiated a debate on questionable practices when working with industry. The PO (patient organisations) present at the PCWP decided to write a code of good practice. This document is intended as guidance to help and encourage patient organisations to develop their own Codes of Practice.

The Code sets out a number of Guiding Principles which apply a human rights approach to the range of HIV/AIDS-specific health, development and humanitarian work undertaken by NGOs responding to HIV/AIDS, which guide both how we work as NGOs and what we do.

It also includes key resources such as toolkits and manuals that can assist in putting the principles into practice and information about the process of ‘signing on’ to the Code and about implementation of the Code.