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Zacharias (Zak) Kostopoulos

Greek HIV and LGBTI activist Zak Kostopoulos, died in the streets of Athens (21 September 2018) following an apparent mob attack, under circumstances that are still under investigation.

Zak was born in the USA in 1985. At the age of 6 he moved in the greek village Kirra near Itea. Later he moved to Athens where he was living until his sudden and violent death. Zak was buried in Kirra.

He began talking publicly about being HIV-positive around six years ago, after he was diagnosed in 2009, to challenge the stigma around the disease. In one of his projects, he made himself available to anyone who had questions on the topic as part of a “human library” project.

Zak worked with the Association of PLHIV in Greece ‘Positive Voice’ and ATH Checkpoint.

Zak was doing drag performance as ‘Zackie Oh’ raising awareness for HIV, LGBTI and other social and political issues.

Zak was a member of EATG from 2013 until 2015, participating at the European Community Advisory Board.

[Last updated: 27.09.2018]