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COST ACTION – European Medicines Shortages Research Network


European Medicines Shortages Research Network ‐ Establishing a Research Network for Medicines Shortages

Project aims: To encourage systematic sharing of information and research about past, ongoing and future shortages of medicines and nutritional products. The action aims to respond to clinical, financial and quality of life interests, to achieve analytical clarity on disruption causes, to simulate decision making in medicines production and trade, to highlight restricted legal and economic frameworks, to disclose disincentives in the supply chain such as conflicts of interest or problematic cost-benefit rations, and to reflect on best coping practices. The project is expected to make a meaningful and tangible contribution to achieving consensus on evidence-based solutions, to ameliorate the problem in both the European, and international context.

EATG participation: involvement in WG4 dealing with the patients Clinico-pharmacological needs when medicines shortages occur.

Project leader: BFH Bern University of Applied Sciences (Switzerland)

Main partners: Several representatives in a total of 22 countries

EATG participation: to be defined

Duration: 4 years (started in April 2016)

Main funding source/programme: European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST)

Budget: no funding for EATG

Website: COST Action –  European Medicines Shortages Research Network – addressing supply problems to patients (Medicines Shortages)

EATG contact person(s): Giorgio Barbareschi (office) at