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Ageing with HIV - A Lifecycle Approach


As more and more people live and grow older with HIV, the EATG explores the biological and social consequences of living with HIV from childhood to older ages.

In order to better understand the current specific needs of PLHIV/AIDS and how to contribute to the development of more focused responses for this population, the project aims to address the challenges and unmet needs of PLHIV/AIDS from a life cycle perspective.
We expect from the implementation of this project to increase awareness within the patient community, researchers, healthcare providers and other key stakeholders of the unmet clinical and psychosocial needs of PLHIV/AIDS at different stages in their lives, and to identify advocacy priorities in the HIV and ageing domain.

Project aims: The main goal of the project is to address the challenges and the unmet needs of PLHIV in a life cycle perspective. The project will contemplate 3 phases (PLHIV aged 50+; Children and adolescents living with HIV; PLHIV aged 18-40). Each phase will help drive the scientific, policy and capacity building agenda within EATG. The main activities are webinars and international conferences related to each phase.

Duration: 30 months between December 2015 and December 2017

EATG participation:  Initiative independently developed and implemented by EATG

Main funding source: Gilead Sciences Europe Ltd and ViiV Healthcare

EATG Contact person(s): Mariana Vicente/Maria Dutarte (EATG Office,; Damian Kelly (EATG membership); Damian Kelly (EATG membership)


Report from the first conference: ageingwithivconference report_PLHIV50+_final

Slides presented of the first conference:!presentations/nhjrq


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