Project aims: To address the specific access needs within co-infected key populations to hepatitis prevention, testing, treatment and care services in Europe (with a special focus on EECA region), and to improve the capacity of key community leaders to further educate and support local community members and improve community involvement in treatment related advocacy and activism. The project has two main components: research and training. The research focuses on the access to hepatitis testing, treatment and care among people in detention and migrants. The training part provides targeted information on treatment and prevention of Hepatitis B and C through webinars in English/Russian and contributes to community mobilization via advocacy-focused workshops, organised in collaboration with local partners.

Project leader: EATG

Main partners: n/a

EATG participation: Initiative independently developed by EATG

Duration: October 2016 – March 2018

Main funding source/programme: Bristol-Myers Squibb

Budget: 36,633 EUR

Website: n/a

EATG contact person(s): Maria Dutarte (Office) at and Kristjan Jachnowitsch (Office) at (; Svilen Konov (External Consultant) at 

Webinars produced by HAND

Jürgen Rockstroh: Hepatitis A

Jürgen Rockstroh: Hepatitis C treatment
Sajnay Bhagani: Hepatitis B treatment
Pavel Khaikin: Hepatitis B treatment in Russian


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