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Training and Capacity Building Working Group

The Training and Capacity Building Working Group – Training, capacity building and the group of trainers

Capacity building is a continuous process at EATG. An important part of our work is the development and distribution of educational materials for patient advocates, community activists and healthcare providers working on HIV/HCV/TB treatment, care, support and prevention matters in Europe and Central Asia.

EATG’s Capacity Building has several  objectives:

  • To promote treatment preparedness
  • To reach out effectively to Eastern Europe (CoPE)
  • To empower Eastern European activists when designing/developing projects and training on HIV/AIDS, HCV and TB related issues
  • To develop training for country teams on monitoring and advocacy related to pharmaceutical procurement
  • To develop the capacity and capability of the EATG membership
  • To develop comprehensive training packages (methodologies, curricula, training materials, etc.) taking into consideration region-specific issues, including cultural peculiarities, fewer resources, greater stigma, weaker understanding and support from their national governments.

In cooperation with our local partner organizations, EATG holds several trainings per year in or for countries with high HIV prevalence. The topics that have been covered since 2007 include treatment preparedness, literacy and advocacy on universal access to HIV/HCV prevention, treatment and care in Europe, with particular emphasis on the projects in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Every training is designed and synchronized to complement the continued EATG Training Strategy in different parts across Europe. The overall goal of our trainings is to develop solid and up-to-date treatment knowledge and effective skills for the advocacy for access to HIV/AIDS treatment in local home communities.  The objectives of the trainings aim at:

  •  empowering  people living with HIV to become skilled advocates in their local communities;
  • further promoting the adherence to HIV treatment and care support across Eastern Europe and Central Asia;
  • reducing stigma, health inequalities, and discrimination in the region; and
  • supporting and enhancing capacity, treatment literacy and treatment advocacy strategies of local, regional, and national community-based organizations in the region.

Our trainings are designed for as many as possible people living with HIV/AIDS, their health care providers, civil society representatives and other professionals who work in the field of advocating for the universal access to HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, and care.

Some key projects of the TCWG include:

STEP-UP – Training course for young HIV activists from all around Europe

ITACA – Improved treatment and care in low prevalence countries