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The impact of punitive sex work laws and regulations on human rights and public health

This paper seeks to clarify where the EATG stands in the sex work policy debate and approaches to delivering health-based policies. Moreover, the ongoing and increasing criminalisation of sex work…

The Impact of Drug Policies on Human Rights, Public Health and the Prevention, Treatment and Care of HIV and other Blood-borne Infections

With this position paper, we aim to clearly stand by and extend further our work with people using drugs and the advocacy for a syndemic approach in improving health outcomes…

Long Term Strategy of the EATG for 2016-18

Position Paper on HIV Criminalisation

Position Paper on ensuring affordable anti-retroviral drugs, sustainable universal access to treatment, as well as continued innovation in research and development

EATG Position Paper on Access and Innovation FINAL 201210-2

Position Paper on the Proposed Clinical Trial Regulation (EC, 2012)

Position Paper on HIV Prevention

EATG Position Paper on Prevention October 2015.FINAL