EATG » World Hepatitis Summit – Declaration of the Hepatitis Community

World Hepatitis Summit – Declaration of the Hepatitis Community

The World Hepatitis Summit passed and published the Declaration of the Hepatitis Community “NO ELIMINATION WITHOUT DECRIMINALIZATION!” today. The Declaration calls for the decriminalization of people who use drugs, and the global upscale and support of prevention, harm reduction and treatment services available to them.

It urges states “to remove all barriers to the uptake of the full range of prevention services by people who use drugs by reforming laws, law enforcement procedures and discrimination that hinder access, including the criminalization of minor, non-violent drug offences and to adopt an approach based overwhelmingly on public health promotion, respect for human rights and evidence”.

The consortium of signatories was led by Medecins du Monde, and EATG has also been a member.

Declaration website:

Declaration in French: Hepatitis-declaration-FR

Declaration in English: Hepatitis-declaration-EN

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