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What is the future of the female condom?

“I was scared to try it at first.”

That’s what Roxanne Lewis, who runs the women’s sexual health education program at the JWCH community health network in Los Angeles, says about the female condom, the synthetic nitrile sheath (which can go in either the vagina or the anus) she now spends much of her work time trying to get women and some men to try.

But when she finally did, she says, “It was like fireworks went off!”

Yes, she insists: Contrary to what you may have heard about the female condom –which has been around in various incarnations for about 25 years but is so unpopular that it accounts for less than .03 percent of all types of contraception used, according to a 2012 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study — it was that good.

“With the male condom,” she says, “I could feel the barrier.” Moreover, she says, with the male condom: “Everything was predicated on this other person. I had to wait for them to put it on, make sure it wasn’t coming off their body.” She says of the FC2, the model of female condom that in 2010 replaced the old, thicker, squeaky polyurethane version: “This is a lot better, more natural. You can do any position you want with it. I prefer it.”

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