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Update on PrEP Impact trial in England

The PrEP Oversight Board met on 20 March and the main item on the agenda was to receive an update on trial site capacity and commissioner approvals of additional trial places.

The Trial sponsor confirmed that they had now received commissioner and clinic approvals to accept additional places from 86 of the 123 (67%) trial sites outside of London and that the release of additional places would commence by April.

Where available places are not taken up by trial sites, the trial sponsor will make preparations for these to be offered to other areas able to take further additional places.

The Board then heard from the London Sexual Health Programme on their ongoing work to agree a collective response to accepting additional places across the capital. The work achieved so far in working with London commissioners and local authorities to accept 60% of London allocation (4,337 extra places) in the first instance was acknowledged.

The London Sexual Health Programme confirmed that the final phase of work to confirm the participation of all London authorities will be completed shortly.

Whilst recognising the challenges faced by local government funding and capacity, the Board stressed the importance of local decisions regarding the Impact Trial expansion being confirmed as soon as possible, so that clinics across the country can resume recruitment.

A further update will follow once the London position has been finalised.

The trial website will be kept up to date to show the recruitment status of each clinic as additional places start to be released –


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