EATG » The EATG publishes its position paper on sex work policy

The EATG publishes its position paper on sex work policy

Today, on the occasion of the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, the European AIDS Treatment Group publishes its stand on the sex work policy debate and approaches to delivering health-based policies. Sex workers are one of the five key-populations groups that are particularly vulnerable to HIV and frequently lack adequate access to services. Moreover, the ongoing and increasing criminalisation of sex work across WHO Europe has negative impact on sex workers’ health and human rights. Therefore, EATG aims to further its engagement with sex workers and optimise its contribution to policy discussions in Europe and beyond.

In particular, EATG calls for the following principles to be adhered by all stakeholders -including itself- to improve the prevention, treatment and care of HIV and other blood-borne infections:

  • Support the decriminalisation of sex work, including sex workers, clients and third parties
  • Support the establishment of anti-discrimination, hate crime and other rights-respecting laws to protect against discrimination and violence, and other rights violations, faced by sex workers.
  • Stand in solidarity with the sex workers and their fight for self-determination, self-organisation and the pursuit of human and labour rights.
  • Advocate for the meaningful involvement of sex workers in developing, implementing and evaluating laws, policies, programmes, services and research that affect them
  • Invite sex workers who reflect the diversity of local sex working communities to collaborate fully in policy, practice and research development, implementation and evaluation
  • Support sex-worker-led organisations and services, by offering relevant resources, advice and expertise where possible.


You can download and read the position paper here.