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The EATG in the Civil Society Fora joint meetings (Brussels 6-8 November)

From 6-8 November, the EATG will be actively engaged in developing joint advocacy, sharing with and learning from civil society partners across Europe within the EU Civil Society Forum  on Drugs,  EU Civil Society Forum on HIV, Hepatitis and TB, EU Think Tank, High level Groups on Drugs that will be taking place in Brussels.


This autumn the Civil Society Fora hold joint meetings that aim to address:


  • advocacy for an EU health policy and funding agenda in the forthcoming period
  • advocacy to improve access to medicines and diagnostics
  • reform of problematic legal frameworks
  • advocacy for access to and effective implementation of combination prevention
  • quality and integrated services for key populations


On 7 November there will be a joint meeting of the CSF on Drugs and the CSF on HIV, Hepatitis and TB to agree and plan joint advocacy at national and European level.


The two Civil Society Fora bring together civil society organisations working at local and European levels, as well as EU and UN health agencies to discuss policy, exchange knowledge and knowhow on approaches to improve the health and respect for the fundamental rights of communities most affected by HIV, hepatitis and TB and drug policies.


The EATG will also join parts of the EU Think Tank and High Level Group on Drugs which bring together government representatives to discuss policy and regulatory matters.


On 5 November representatives of the two Civil Society Fora presented their activities during the CSIDP – Civil Society Involvement in Drug Policy meeting organised by the European Harm Reduction Network – Correlation. 


The EATG is a member and co-coordinating the CSF on HIV, Hepatitis and TB and is a member of the CSF on Drugs.


You can find the agendas of the meetings here:

CSF HIV,Hepatitis and TB

CSF on Drugs

EU Think Tank on HIV, Hepatitis and TB


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