EATG » The EATG endorses Life4me+ organisation and app

The EATG endorses Life4me+ organisation and app

The European AIDS Treatment Group and to fight AIDS, Hepatitis C and Tuberculosis have agreed to a mutual endorsement as partners.


Life4me+ is a community-based non-profit organisation, which has been active since 2013 in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA region). It was officially registered in 2017 in Switzerland. The main focus of their work is the use of innovative technology and health data to improve the overall prevention, management and treatment of HIV, HCV, TB and STIs, with additional continuous patient learning and information empowerment for a better quality of life.


Life4me+ has achieved the following milestones:

  • Introduced the first multi-language website for HIV/HCV patients in Russian, German, English, Spanish, Ukrainian, Italian, French, Estonian, Romanian, Chinese, and Armenian
  • Implemented the first “e-Health” system to monitor patient’s health and provide advice to patients. The system -both web and app based [iOS] [Android] - is provided in 159 countries free of charge 
  • Organised the EECA advocacy, information and education campaign “U=U” (“Undetectable equals Untransmittable”)
  • Supported and collaborated with partners to reduce and resolve intermittent medicine supply disruptions (Russia, Belarus) as well as monitoring, reporting and support to link in cases of discrimination at local and national level (across all 159 counties where the e-Health platform is available)
  • Established close collaboration and working relationships with state health systems and other multi-level health organisations and institutions around the world



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