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STEP-UP celebrated third graduation ceremony



The EATG Training Academy is the collection of training and capacity building projects and initiatives of the EATG. Several projects belong here, all of them described in detail on the Training Academy website.
This October saw the graduation of the third year of STEP-UP participants. STEP-UP is a one-year course for young and aspiring activists and patient advocates in the field of HIV/AIDS from all over the 53 countries of the WHO Europe region.
This year’s last module and graduation ceremony were held in conjunction with the 2016 HIV Drug Therapy Congress in Glasgow.
Please join us in congratulating the graduates, and welcome them to the strong and growing community of HIV advocates.
A huge thank you to the teaching faculty as well: Kristjan Jachnowitsch, Damian Kelly, Jorge Garrido, Kiromiddin Gulov, Koen Block and Nenad Petkovic played an instrumental role in delivering a complex set of skills and knowledge.

Some images of the proud graduates and the team below:


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