EATG » STEP-UP 2013-2017 impact assessment report is out

STEP-UP 2013-2017 impact assessment report is out

Today, the European AIDS Treatment Group is publishing a report that aims to assess the impact the STEP-UP Training Academy programme had to its participants as well as to their work and communities. Shortly after the completion of the fifth training cycle, we are sharing the results of a systematic review regarding the first cycles of implementation of the programme. The assessment highlights a number of areas for improvement, as it looked closer at the factors that increased or limited the impacts. Furthermore, the report concludes with priority recommendations for the future.

The STEP-UP programme has a unique place in the European AIDS Treatment Group’s 27-year history as the first comprehensive continuous education programme for activists in the field of HIV. It aims to equip a new cohort of 20 HIV activists with the knowledge and skills they need to advocate for the best HIV practices each year. Over its four cycles in 2013-2017, each year, 20 selected individuals received some 100 hours of face-to-face training and other learning opportunities. This assessment looked at the first four cycles of the programme and their impact, focusing at the three levels: individual, organization and communities where trainees work.


You can download the report here.

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