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AIDS 2018: Sign the Amsterdam Affirmation

Much has changed since the global HIV community convened at the previous International AIDS Conference in Durban in 2016. Advances in science have been significant, including widespread acceptance that HIV is untransmittable with an undetectable viral load, increased PrEP rollout, innovative treatment delivery methods and promising developments in cure and vaccine research. But while there have been success stories, prevention efforts continue to lag and new HIV infections are still on the rise among key populations and young women and girls. These groups continue to experience high levels of structural violence and stigma. Coupled with a rising tide of populism, questionable political commitment and leadership and declining financial resources, the HIV response is operating in a fragile environment. People, politics and power lie at the heart of the AIDS epidemic. How these intersect will continue to be critically important in achieving the agreed global targets and universal health coverage.

Read the full text of and sign the Amsterdam Affirmation: People, Politics, Power here.

AIDS 2018
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