EATG » Shhh … UN Declaration on TB draft text out for approval

Shhh … UN Declaration on TB draft text out for approval

Negotiators’ agreed draft text for a United Nations political declaration on ending tuberculosis worldwide has been posted for all member states to see, and negotiators hope, not comment on. Under a UN procedure, the text has been placed “under silence” until 10:00am New York time on 14 September. If no one breaks the silence, the text is considered agreed and will advance to the High-Level Meeting on tuberculosis on 26 September as part of the annual UN General Assembly.

The draft text was made available by the co-facilitators for review here.

The text includes a letter from the co-facilitators explaining the silence process. The co-facilitators are Walton Alfonso Webson, ambassador of Antigua & Barbuda to the UN, and Koro Bessho, ambassador of Japan to the UN.

Intellectual Property Watch last week (IPW, United Nations, 5 September 2018) released a leaked version of the final compromise paragraphs, which relate to intellectual property.

The compromise was reportedly negotiated by representatives from the United States and South Africa. South Africa broke the silence in late July after the draft followed a US demand and stripped out all reference in the operative paragraphs to the World Trade Organization Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS).

The 16-page draft declaration sets out principles – such as the basis that TB is preventable and curable, and affects all populations but inequitably – and a series of fairly broad commitments, such as to build capacity, promote and encourage research, and mobilize funding.

The declaration calls for a progress report in 2020, and a next heads of state-level High-Level Meeting in 2023.