EATG » PrEPster joins call for PrEP for women

PrEPster joins call for PrEP for women

PrEPster today joined with other leading PrEP advocate organisations in calling for PrEP for women in the UK.
A consensus statement – signed by AVAC, cliniQ, NAT, PrEPster and THT – launched today states that:
  • the evidence that PrEP prevents HIV for cis and trans women is indisputable
  • women in Europe can be at significant risk of HIV and could benefit from PrEP
  • women can adhere to PrEP but may not be aware of their risk
The statement calls for dissemination of information about PrEP to women, and the active inclusion of women in the upcoming IMPACT trial.
Last month PrEPster produced actions that could contribute to a more diverse trial
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