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ECDC left leaderless after EU vote

A recent European Union-wide election to appoint a director for the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control has failed to select anyone. John Maurice reports. On April 30, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), an institution widely thought to play an essential role in protecting the European population from infectious diseases, will lose its...


Source Source: The Lancet

Malaria vaccine candidate has demonstrated efficacy over 3-4 years of follow-up

Final results from Phase III trial suggest substantial public health benefits could be provided by the RTS,S malaria vaccine candidate in endemic regions in sub-Saharan Africa Vaccine efficacy enhanced by administration of a booster dose LONDON (24 APRIL 2015)— Final results from a large-scale Phase III trial of the RTS,S malaria vaccine candidate, including the impact...


World Malaria Day: call to close gaps in prevention and treatment to defeat malaria

23 APRIL 2015 | GENEVA - WHO is calling on the global health community to urgently address significant gaps in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of malaria. Despite dramatic declines in malaria cases and deaths since 2000, more than half a million lives are still lost to this preventable disease each year. At least three quarters of malaria deaths occur in children under 5....


Source Source: WHO

Tags: Malaria, WHO

REP 2139 found to reduce HBsAg in Caucasians with HBV/HDV coinfection

VIENNA — In a phase 2 clinical trial, the nucleic acid polymer REP 2139 reduced hepatitis B surface antigen serum in Caucasian patients with hepatitis B and D coinfection, according to a late breaker presented at the 2015 International Liver Congress. “Fifteen to 20 million patients are affected by HBV/HDV coinfection and it is the most aggressive form of viral hepatitis...


Source Source: Healio

Tags: Hepatitis

Statins show benefit in hepatitis C compensated cirrhosis

VIENNA — Statin use is associated with a 40% reduction in the rate of hepatic decompensation and death in patients with hepatitis C compensated cirrhosis, according to a retrospective analysis. Statin use is generally avoided in people with liver disease because of the possibility of hepatotoxicity, said Arpan Mohanty, MBBS, from the VA Connecticut Healthcare System in West...


Source Source: Medscape