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Gilead’s hepatitis C medicines license – troubling territorial exclusions, illusory exceptions, and tiered pricing policy fracture global access

Gilead has just released the text of its hepatitis C license.  Although there has been some praise for Gilead offering expanded generic access in 91 countries where over 100 million people living with hepatitis C live, there has also been mounting criticism over its exclusion of 51 middle-income countries with 49 million infected. This paper closely analyzes the license to see...


Source Source: infojustice

Uncovering cases of early HCV infection in HIV-positive men

Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infects the liver, causing inflammation. Over time as HCV-related inflammation continues, parts of this vital organ degrade as healthy tissue is replaced with useless scar tissue. This can lead to an increasingly dysfunctional liver. In turn, complications can develop, including serious infections, internal bleeding, kidney dysfunction and a greatly increased...


Source Source: CATIE

The European Commission and pharmaceutical policy

A victory for profits over public health? News of the allocation by the European Commission’s president elect, Jean-Claude Juncker, of portfolios to the remaining European Commissioners has been eagerly awaited. This is an intensely political process, with the largest member states vying among themselves for the main economic roles. Would Juncker follow established...


Source Source: BMJ

Tags: EU policy

Access to sofosbuvir in middle-income countries

I-MAK has analyzed the cost implications of the licenses announced by Gilead Sciences on the Hepatitis C drug sofosbuvir. The 3 page report is available here: Gilead is reportedly excluding 51 middle-income countries (MICs) from its license for sofosbuvir, an oral hepatitis C drug. Across these MICs, where nearly 50 million people are infected with...


Source Source: I-MAK

Unique health care challenges for older adults with HIV

Dr. Meredith Greene, fellow in the Division of Geriatrics at University of California, San Francisco, has spent her career working out how to integrate HIV services and geriatric care. “Traditionally, those areas haven’t overlapped a lot,” she explains—yet as individuals with HIV live longer with increasingly more effective and tolerable HIV therapies, she recognizes...


Source Source: BETA Blog