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ShangRing: WHO approval of second nonsurgical circumcision device sets stage for accelerated access to HIV prevention measure

Latest device approved for use on adolescents, broadening scope of low-cost intervention Call it “VMMC,” for voluntary medical male circumcision, or the current, and more concise “MC” for medical circumcision, by any name, removing men’s foreskins has been proven to lower their risks of acquiring HIV through vaginal sexual intercourse by as much as 60...


Source Source: Science Speaks

IAVI Report: HIV's persistence

IAVI Report provides editorially independent, comprehensive coverage of the AIDS vaccine field from the latest scientific research to policy, advocacy and community perspectives, bringing news and analysis, adding context and underscoring trends and gaps in the search for an AIDS vaccine. Read IAVI Report here.


Source Source: IAVI Report

New detection method for a key drug resistant hepatitis C virus mutation

A rapid, sensitive, and accurate method to detect drug resistant hepatitis C virus (HCV) mutants has been developed. Researchers at Hiroshima University established a system to rapidly and accurately measure the presence of HCV Y93H drug resistant mutant strains, and evaluate the proportion of patients harboring this mutation prior to treatment. Even in serum samples with low HCV titers,...


Source Source: ScienceDaily

Drugmakers warn Greek medicine supply "may be in jeopardy"

Drugmakers said on Monday they would continue to ship medicines to Greece in coming weeks, despite mounting unpaid bills, but warned supplies could be in jeopardy if Europe did not take emergency action. "In the worst-case scenario of 'Grexit', we believe the integrity of the medicines supply chain may be in jeopardy, which would create a risk to public health,"...


Source Source: REUTERS

EU patients will wait years for counterfeit med fix

A 2011 law to prevent counterfeit drugs from getting to consumers still needs to be carried out. Criminals are still successfully peddling huge quantities of counterfeit medicines, but patients in the European Union will wait several more years for fixes promised four years ago. While Interpol this month paraded its arrests of 156 suspects, and seizure of millions of illicit...


Source Source: Politico