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Addressing barriers to the end of AIDS by 2030

The introduction of combination antiretroviral therapy (ART) in 1996 was the first milestone in the fight against HIV/AIDS, and its impact has been huge. Today, we have solid proof that early ART initiation provides benefit for the health of the HIV infected people 1 , 2 and reduces the risk of HIV transmission. 3 The concept of treatment as prevention is gaining...


Source Source: The Lancet HIV

AIDS pioneer finally brings AIDS vaccine to clinic

Human trials of more than 100 different AIDS vaccines have taken place since researchers proved in 1984 that HIV caused the disease. Robert Gallo, whose U.S. National Cancer Institute laboratory published the four landmark papers in Science that convinced the world of the link between this recently discovered retrovirus and the growing epidemic, has closely monitored—and...


Source Source: Science

Indian drugmakers engineer hep C cocktails impossible in West

-- New cocktails could help tackle hepatitis C in poor countries   -- Indian companies eyeing market for genotype 3 of hepatitis C Drugmakers in India are hard at work engineering hepatitis C combination pills impossible in western nations due to patent protections. New antiviral medications from Gilead Sciences Inc. and...


Source Source: Bloomberg

HIV: researchers find that ‘biomarkers’ can predict virus remission in patients

New clues as to why virus remains undetectable in some patients after treatment ends HIV researchers say new analysis of patient data could help to shed light on the phenomenon known as ‘post-treatment control’, where the virus remains undetectable in some patients even after treatment is stopped. Led by Dr John Frater, Co-Director of the Oxford Martin...


Test hepatitis B vaccine response earlier in infants, CDC says

Physicians should request postvaccination serologic testing (PVST) for infants born to hepatitis B–infected mothers between 9 and 12 months of age, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says in an updated recommendation. The recommendation, published in the October 9 issue of the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report , shortens the interval between...


Source Source: Medscape