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Biotech’s hard bargain

Few people have done better in the recent stock boom than biotech investors. Biotech was the best-performing market sector last year, and in the past two years its stocks rose a hundred and twenty per cent. But suddenly, in late March, the stocks tanked, some falling more than twenty per cent in a few weeks. The selloff can be explained to some extent as a market correction and part of a...


Source Source: The New Yorker

World Malaria Day 2014: WHO helps countries assess feasibility of eliminating malaria

24 April 2014 | GENEVA - On World Malaria Day (25 April), WHO is launching a manual to help countries to assess the technical, operational and financial feasibility of moving towards malaria elimination. WHO’s new guide, "From malaria control to malaria elimination: a manual for elimination scenario planning", will provide these countries with a comprehensive...


Tags: Malaria, WHO

The EU needs to step up its fight against malaria

Today is World Malaria Day and an increased EU investment in innovative, accessible and effective responses to the killer disease this year will be crucial to determining whether the world reaches a tipping point in eradicating it, writes Caroline Kent. Caroline Kent is the Communications Director for DSW (Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevoelkerung) On...


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One year on at the Medicines Patent Pool: Interview with Greg Perry

Greg Perry has been executive director of the Geneva-based Medicines Patent Pool (MPP) since January 2013. Under his guidance, MPP shares that it has launched a “series of new licensing agreements and negotiations with key patent holders and generic medicines companies.” Intellectual Property Watch sat down with Perry recently to discuss why the MPP is so important as an...


Kaiser Family Foundation releases infographic on U.S. global health funding

The Kaiser Family Foundation has released “ A Snapshot of U.S. Global Health Funding ,” an infographic produced in partnership with the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) as part of a monthly series. “This month’s Visualizing Health Policy infographic shows global health funding’s share of the U.S. federal budget, the flattening of U.S. funds...