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EATG + AVAC Prevention Webinars online

EATG and and AVAC have been working together in a comprehensive HIV prevention portfolio from 2015. Two European Prevention Summits, a series of webinars, workshops, a collection of presentations and talks, press releases, a hugely popular Facebook page, and plenty of advocacy outcomes show the utility and impact of this community-led initiative. Not only PrEP but also other prevention options, such as vaccines and microbicides, are featured. Two key features of this project are the Trans-Atlantic cooperation, and the fact that it brings to the same table all stakeholders: People living with or affected by HIV, people who don’t live with HIV but are at risk from it, and also researchers and policy makers.

Click on these links to access the webinars:

Click on this link to access the AVAC+EATG Prevention Summary, which also includes a link to the PrEP video produced by Nicholas Feustel in cooperation with the EATG+AVAC prevention team:


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